Sorting Out the Tangled Property Division Web

Fairly and equally dividing the joint assets of a divorcing couple can be difficult. When the marriage has been long-term or when the assets are complex, the task may become even more difficult.

At the law firm of Palmer Rodak & Associates, with offices in Del Mar and Oceanside, we are highly experienced divorce attorneys. We regularly handle divorce cases involving ownership of businesses, investment properties, and other complex property issues. We understand how to sort out the often tangled web of community property (obtained during marriage) from non-community property. In addition, we also understand how to look for undisclosed and hidden assets. Our first priority in such matters is always preserving the rights and interests of our clients. But in reaching a divorce property settlement, we look to achieve a result which is fair, practical, and workable.

Fairly Valuing a Business

In valuing a business, our lawyers frequently utilize the services of some of the leading forensic accountants and financial analysts in Southern California. Selecting the right valuation specialist for the job is a critical first step. Some business valuators have past experience with certain types of businesses which gives them special insight for a particular situation. Our experience tells us what questions to ask and how to select a valuator.

We also consider the approach the opposing counsel will take and work with the valuation specialist to anticipate questions and challenges from the other side.

Even when the value of a community asset such as a house or tract of unimproved real estate can be easily determined, that value may not stay constant. In contested property matters, it is important to reach a settlement and execute it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here again, the extensive experience of our attorneys enables us to work promptly while protecting the rights and interests of our clients.

Handling Military Retirement Benefits

Our exceptional experience handling military divorce cases gives our clients valuable insight into the specifics and often complex process of dividing the military retirement benefits of a spouse. From understanding the factors that come into play, to timing concerns over when and how much a spouse is entitled to, is where we offer valuable insight.

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