Complimentary Case Plan Consultation

Yes, we do do a complimentary consultation. Yes, it is also fair to say that the people who come see us for their initial consultation, they're probably not having their best day. In fact, they're probably having their worst day because they're looking at problems with issues with their families and with their children and with their money and these are very serious issues for people. And what they're basically looking for is advice that they can rely on. When I see people, they come into me, they've heard things on the internet, they've read things on the internet, they've heard things from other people and a lot of times they are very excited or upset or not knowing what to do. Most times, it's not as bad as the people think it is. I've been a family law attorney for 18 years here in San Diego and I've been a certified family law specialist for 13 years and I can tell you that what most people really need to happen for them at their first consultation is they need a case plan. So when people come in, we speak with them about what their issues are and we try to help them develop a plan to move forward, so then people are generally feeling like they're not in limbo, that they know what's gonna happen in their lives, and they start to feel a little bit more comfortable. When people want to see me for their initial consultation, they have a choice - they can come in for a personal consultation, which is terrific, they can call for a telephone consultation which is also great, and we offer skype consultations, as well as FaceTime consultations. What really helps myself and the other four attorneys that are in our office is that the prospective clients come in and they bring us their paperwork so we can review their paperwork so that we don't have to call them back and try to give them advice later about what's really happening in their lives. So if you have an issue and you need legal advice and you want advice that you can rely on, because I tell my clients what I call "the good, the bad, and the ugly," then you come see me. My name is Matthew Palmer and I'm a certified family law specialist.