Child Support

Correct, child support in California is calculated by a computer program. There's multiple computer programs in California, you can usually find them online. One is called the Dissomaster, one is called the ExLaw Calculator. So when you go online you can look for those and you can try to put your information in. The two major components in child support calculations are timeshare, with your children, and income. And a lot of times people don't know what their income is, nevermind what the income of the other party is. And then there's also the statutory deductions that go into the calculation as well. So when you come and meet with us, we'll go over your income, we'll make sure we can establish what the income of the other person is and then we'll make sure all that income gets put in the computer because nobody wants to pay too much child support and nobody wants to not get guideline child support. So when you come to see us atĀ Palmer Rodak & Associates, we'll make sure that your child support is accurately calculated and entered into our computer.