It is true that some divorces are harder than other divorces. Some people's divorces will conclude in the statutory minimum, six months, other people's divorces can go on for a number of years. Whether you have a complex case or whether your case is a more simple, straightforward divorce, you still need advice that you can rely on. So when people come to see us atĀ Palmer Rodak & Associates, they come to see us because they're relying on our 18 years of experience to tell them what we think the judges are going to do, what the law in California is that applies to their case. Once we give people this information, they're able to, in most cases, decide what's the best situation for their family and make an agreement. Many of our divorces, in fact the vast majority, resolve by what's called a marital settlement agreement - that's basically a contract for divorce. But if your case doesn't settle by marital settlement agreement, even though you've tried as hard as you can, you come to us, we are very experienced trial attorneys. I've been trying cases in San Diego for 18 years and we will take your case to the judge and we will make sure that you get aggressive and competent trial representation because we know that for dissolution, especially one of longer duration, people cannot afford to take chances