Achieving Fair Child and Spousal Support Orders

There are specific guidelines for determining child and spousal support in California. At Palmer Rodak & Associates, in Oceanside and Del Mar, we strive to ensure the support totals are fair and take into consideration the unique circumstances our clients face.

Determining Child Support

In California, the guidelines for child support are determined by formulas in the statutes. The court has a computer program which uses these formulas to correctly calculate the required child support. The level depends on a variety of factors, including the incomes of the parents and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent.

We help clients obtain the child support level which is appropriate for them, including:

  • Temporary child support orders
  • Permanent child support orders
  • Modifications to child support orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders

Determining Spousal Support/Alimony

Determining the level spousal support (commonly called alimony) after separation or divorce is more complicated and involves the consideration of up to eleven different factors, including income, the education level of the receiving spouse, and the marital standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. While the Court often follows the spousal support guideline to determine spousal support, it has more flexibility in setting the level of spousal support than it has with child support.

As experienced spousal support attorneys, we know how to effectively argue such matters before the court. We understand how to analyze the issues contributing to the marital standard of living and how to craft persuasive arguments to achieve a result. We will assertively work to protect your rights and interests in this regard.

Modifications to Child Support and Spousal Support

Over time, the situations of the parties can change. Incomes can rise or fall, a layoff can occur, or remarriage can take place.

When these or other events happen, the lawyers at Palmer Rodak & Associates can go to court to obtain modifications to support. Whether on behalf of a party who receives such support, or on behalf of a party who must pay this support, we will work to obtain the correct and legal level of support.

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