How to Modify Alimony Payments

Supporting Your Ex Without Sacrificing Your Financial Security

Alimony ensures that a nonworking or lower-earning spouse will have adequate financial assistance following their divorce. However, as years pass following the establishment of spousal support, either or both parties may have experienced a significant change that necessitates a modification.

Reach an Agreement Independently

Perhaps the quickest and simplest way to modify your alimony is by reaching an agreement with your former spouse on your own. If the two of you can agree on a new alimony arrangement, our lawyers can help you present the new document to the court.

It’s crucial to note that the judge must sign a new court order before any changes may be adopted. Regardless of any informal or verbal agreements, you will be held responsible for spousal support as per your agreement until it is either changed or revoked by the court.

The Modification Process

Regardless of whether you are able to come up with your own modification or you are relying on the judge’s discretion, you will need to request a court hearing to change your existing alimony order. To do so, you will:

  1. Fill out a Request for Order, Income and Expense Declaration, and, depending on your case, a Spousal or Partner Support Declaration Attachment
  2. Make copies of the forms for you and your former spouse, with the original document going to the court
  3. File the forms with the court
  4. Receive a date to appear in court
  5. Have someone serve your former spouse with their copies of the papers, along with a blank Responsive Declaration to Request for Order and Income and Expense Declaration
  6. File proof of service
  7. Attend your scheduled court hearing, bringing your document copies and the Proof of Service

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