Benefits of Settling vs. Litigating Personal Injury Cases

Understanding the Options for Your Case and Your Compensation

Settlement and litigation are two paths towards the same goal of winning compensation for victims in personal injury cases. Settlements are by far the most common across the nation, but litigation is still prevalent when parties fail to reach an agreement. While both outcomes offer the benefit of recovering repayment, each offers other additional benefits along the way.

Benefits of Settling

The popularity of settlements is due largely to the fact that they require significantly less time and resources than litigation. Settlements offer unique benefits, including:

  • No courtroom visits
  • A cheaper process
  • Privacy, as the entire case is kept off public record
  • Potentially higher settlements above insurance policy caps, as an incentive to keep the case private
  • A protected outcome that cannot be appealed

Benefits of Litigating

It’s true that litigation necessitates courtroom appearances, but the process is not disadvantageous simply because it is lengthier. Litigating a claim offers certain advantages, including:

  • The liable party is required to be responsive in compliance with clear and standard court proceedings, which is especially helpful if the defendant has not maintained frequent communication
  • Additional perspectives from the jury and judge
  • Potentially setting a precedent for future cases of a similar nature

Palmer Rodak & Associates has experience successfully representing clients both in settlement and litigation. Our lawyers will fight aggressively for a settlement you deserve. If the liable party fails to comply, our attorneys will represent you in court and work to convince the judge and jury of the necessity for compensation. Whichever path we take to repayment, Palmer Rodak & Associates will confidently lead the way. Contact us today to discuss your case.