The Benefits of Choosing Divorce Mediation

Divorce litigation can be a hostile process that ultimately takes a massive toll on those involved. If you and your spouse would like to minimize the damage of ending your marriage in a nasty courtroom battle, divorce mediation can help you avoid that. Moreover, it offers a chance for you and your spouse to negotiate the terms of your divorce, resulting in a more favorable outcome for both parties. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing to dissolve your marriage through divorce mediation.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

Ending a marriage is a difficult decision to make and although your heart will not heal overnight, you can choose an approach that will reduce the potential for deeper emotional wounds. Couples who go through divorce mediation must work together, along with the guidance of a neutral third-party mediator, to negotiate the terms of their divorce. If you have children, learning how to stay focused and cooperate during this process can help set a good foundation for you as co-parents.

Below is a list of other advantages associated with divorce mediation:

  • When spouses go through divorce litigation, they are at the mercy of the court’s heavily packed schedule, which often results in greater delays. Divorce mediation allows couples to set their own schedule, which means you can end your divorce, and move on with your life at a faster pace.
  • Divorce mediation is also less expensive than litigation. You and your spouse will save on legal fees by hiring a mediator instead of your own separate attorneys and, more importantly, you will not have to waste any time in court.
  • As mentioned above, you and your spouse will determine the outcome of your divorce through negotiations. Unlike litigation, where your future rests in the hands of a judge, mediation provides an opportunity for a couple to determine their own fate, which means you are more likely to be pleased with the results.

Divorce might not be easy, but the mediation can help ensure it goes more smoothly while inflicting fewer emotional wounds.

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