Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

No one's marriage is perfect. Every couple fights, disagrees, and experiences unhappiness. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to assess which issues are insurmountable and which simply deserve a little more attention and some honest dialogue. If you are unsure if you should call it quits in your marriage and file for a divorce, we compiled a list of common signs that may indicate that it is time to part ways with your spouse.

Is Your Marriage Over?

Not every problem in a marriage is cause for a divorce. However, if you believe a certain boundary was crossed or you simply tried as hard as you could to hold the relationship together without any success, you might be giving some serious consideration to dissolving your marriage.

No one should be constantly unhappy with their marriage. There will undoubtedly be some challenging moments in your marriage, but if you find that happiness is non-existent or scarce in the life you share with your spouse, this is often one of the most telling signs that a marriage is over.

Here are some other common signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce:

  1. You take every opportunity to avoid your spouse: Everyone needs some alone time, but if you would always rather avoid your spouse, then something is amiss in your marriage.
  1. You live together as roommates: If you are sleeping in separate rooms, rarely acknowledge one another, and seem to be living your lives apart from each other, it probably feels like your spouse is your roommate and this is definitely not a good sign.
  1. Your values changed: It is natural for people to grow and change, but if you feel you are growing apart rather than together, this can be detrimental for a marriage, especially if you both want vastly different things out of life.
  1. There is little to no physical intimacy: Marriage is about far more than sex, but that does not mean physical intimacy is not important. If you and your spouse stopped having sex or you lost interest in sex with your spouse, it may be indicative of a deeper issue in your marriage.
  1. Your instincts are telling you that it is time to leave: There is nothing quite like a person’s instinct. You can analyze your marriage and its pros and cons all day long, but if your gut is telling you that nothing can repair the relationship, then it may be time to call it quits.

If you recognize two or more of these signs, consider speaking to a family law attorney to learn more about your legal options.

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