Staying Off Social Media During Your Divorce

Social media is a great way to share your life with friends, family, and even acquaintances. During a time when we are all searching for ways to remain connected to others while remaining physically distanced, the prospect of avoiding social media is probably unfathomable. However, if you are getting a divorce, continuing to share your life online may have a negative impact on the outcome of your settlement. Nothing you wish to share online will ever be worth such a costly loss, so consider taking a social media hiatus until after your divorce is finalized.

The Risks of Using Social Media

Many of us take to social media to share the most intimate details of daily life. If you are going through a divorce, you may feel tempted to vent online about your spouse or the struggles of your divorce, but doing so can potentially backfire on you in court, especially if you have children. The last thing you want to do is seem like an uncooperative co-parent, especially given how much family courts value the involvement of both parents in a child’s life.

If you rarely share anything too personal on social media, but frequently use the check-in feature, you should rethink how you use social media. Checking into restaurants, stores, venues, or other locations can reveal a lot about your lifestyle and spending habits, which is not something you want to broadcast online.

Ultimately, the best choice you can make now is to stay logged out of social media until after your divorce is finalized. However, if you absolutely cannot refrain from using this tool, we compiled some more tips for you to consider.

Consider the following tips when you share on social media:

  • Although it is natural to want to let out a little steam during this stressful time by going out with friends having a fun evening, you should not post pictures of yourself partying. Taken out of context, you might look irresponsible or reckless, especially if you have young children.
  • The conversations between you and your divorce attorney are protected, so do not share them online with your Facebook friends.
  • Although you likely removed your spouse from your social media profiles, you should not assume that anything you post is private. Consider the fact that you share so many mutual friends and that your posts can easily get relayed back to your spouse.
  • Do not share any recent purchases or expenses.

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