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Having "Great Representation" means a client can be 100% confident in their attorney. It means their legal team understands the client cannot afford to take chances with their legal issues and acts accordingly. Clients are paying with their hard earned money for legal services and shouldn’t fear they will receive less than great representation.

Great Representation helps achieve positive results. At Palmer Rodak, we take pride in the work we provide our clients. We strive to give our clients premier legal services during challenging times. Our team provides wisdom, compassion and resolve. With a combined 60 years of legal and courtroom experience, we offer advice on family law, corporate business, small business, real estate and mediation.

In some cases, we need to advise our clients on, what I call; "the good, the bad or the ugly." Clients might not always like the legal circumstances they find themselves in but our goal is to give advice and provide representation which a client can always rely on. This is the essence of Great Representation.

Since 1998, Palmer Rodak & Associates has been serving the legal needs of San Diego areas including Oceanside, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas and Rancho Sante Fe.