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Issues with long-term care insurance costs

If you are one of the many residents in California who has faced the need to provide care and a safe place to live for an aging relative, you know that there are many issues associated with this. Certainly there are concens when it comes to finding an appropriate level of care with staff you trust so you know your loved one is being well cared for and not neglected or abused. Then there are the financial worries that may be present as this type of care can be very expensive.

Protecting a loved one from financial abuse

When it is time to begin drafting one's will in California, one of the most common concerns revolves around the protection of loved ones. While the amount of assistance one might need with estate planning can vary depending on his or her health, making big decisions can seem daunting. If a family member is not mentally capable of making independent decisions, the steps of estate planning can become all the more sensitive.  

Portability, new tax code and estate plan updates

As California is one of the states in the nation with a state income tax, residents logically want to understand how the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may impact their bottom lines. When reviewing their situations to determine this, it is wise to also evaluate one's estate plan. 

Going about a will without the drama

No matter the age, siblings can carry out a feud long after an incident has come and gone. Many of these disagreements involve serious topics such as a parent's will. California parents who are at the stages of drafting a will may be hesitant to explain the details to younger family members. Is there a correct way of going about estate planning, and how does one explain decisions made in such an important document?

Estate planning for unmarried couples is important

If you and your significant other in California have made the choice to live together but not to get married, you are far from alone. Data from the United States Census Bureau indicate that in the first decade of this century, the number of couples making this decision increased by 25 percent. There are many reasons people may want to share a life and a home together without formalizing their commitment by marriage but they should be aware of the increased need for attention to an estate plan due to the lack of natural protection for them.

Providing education funds for grandchildren

Many grandparents today want to help their grandsons and granddaughters achive the dream of receiving a college education. This may be in part to continue a family's tradition of pursuing higher education or it may be a means to helping their grandchildren achieve something nobody in the family has yet been able to do. Either way, when in a financial situation where they are able to help, grandparents should carefully review the options on how to do this.

The importance of health care advance directives

If you are one of the many people in California who has taken the time to create a will or a trust, you likely had to make many decisions through the process. However, in addition to identifying what will happen to your assets and your debts after you die, did you take into consideration making plans for your care while you are still living if you are not able to make your own choices? This is an important part of estate planning that you should not overlook.

Who should you choose as your personal representative?

One of the most important steps when working through the estate planning process in Oceanside is choosing who will be your personal representative. This person will be empowered to administer your estate according to your own wishes, so you will want to ensure that he or she is competent and capable enough to do so. At the same, you may also want to give thought to how the appointment of your personal representative may be viewed by your beneficiaries, and if your decision could lead to unnecessary contention. Knowing this, who then should you choose? 

Selecting a child guardian

Once a person in California becomes a parent, it is amazing how quickly life becomes about the child rather than the parent. The responsibility that parents bear to care for their children covers many things and actually extends beyond their life on earth when their children are young. The need to identify a guardian for minor children is important for all parents. This is the only way for a parent to know that their child will actually be raised by the person they want should something happen to the parents prematurely.

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