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Military divorce versus civilian divorce: what you need to know

No matter what kind of jobs the two parties have, divorce is always hard for a California couple. Even an amicable couple may find that they struggle with the emotional difficulties that come with the end of a marriage, even if both spouses agree to all divorce-related issues. However, there are certain factors that can make a military divorce particularly complex.

Plan to succeed when you write a new parenting plan for divorce

You're definitely not the first California parent who has had to tell their children they are getting divorced. You may have worried about your conversation for days ahead of time, but hopefully, your close relationship and reassurance to your children that you are there to support them made for a healthy, productive discussion. Now that that's over, you may now focus on the tangible aspects of your upcoming divorce, especially your need for a new parenting plan.

Taking measures to reduce the stress of divorce on children

As a parent, divorce can be a stressful and intimidating experience, but it may ultimately lead you to a better situation in time. However, your children might not be as capable of looking to the future, and instead they may view the situation in a negative light, potentially fearing the loss of a relationship with one of their parents.

There is a better way to resolve your divorce disputes

The end of a marriage usually involves difficult feelings regarding important matters such as property division and child custody. These are emotionally charged issues, and strong feelings can lead to disputes, which in turn lead to costly and stressful litigation. While many California couples who are divorcing do end up in court, that is not the only way to divorce.

As a military member, do you face a high and tight divorce rate?

The majority of California residents know that jobs can play a considerable role in people's lives. If you have a particularly stressful job, such as serving in the military, you may feel the impacts more keenly than individuals in other professions may. Unfortunately, many marital relationships have a difficult time withstanding the stress and other aspects of military life, and serious issues could arise.

Taking a vacation from your custody arrangement

No matter what your feelings were for your former spouse, you were probably happy to see the divorce process end, even if you weren't happy to see the marriage end. Whether your divorce was contentious or amicable, listing, weighing and dividing your belongings was no doubt tedious and upsetting. Perhaps no part of the divorce was more emotional than deciding the custody arrangements.

Grandparents and visitation rights in California

The relationship between a grandparent and his or her grandchild is important, and it is one worth preserving and protecting. In some cases, disputes with the parents or a divorce could compromise this relationship, and parents may find it necessary to take steps to protect their rights to visitation and regular access to their grandkids.

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