4 Domestic Violence Resources for The Abused in Quarantine

While the “Stay at Home” order may be annoying or inconvenient for some people, it poses a real danger for others. People who face domestic violence may feel they are cut off from resources and could fear for their lives. However, there are sources of support you can turn to.

You can utilize the following resources during the quarantine:

1. Hotlines

The Domestic Abuse Hotline can be reached 24/7 and you can access this resource either online or over the phone. This hotline provides resources and support in your area so you can seek immediate shelter.

2. Shelters

While many businesses have shuttered their doors during this time, shelters for victims of abuse have remained open. If you feel you are in immediate danger from an abuser in your home, seek shelter at your local facilities for victims of domestic violence.

3. Call 911

All police services continue to be fully operational during this time. If you are frightened for your life, dial 911 for immediate assistance. If you fear your abuser will find out about the call, consider discreetly disguising the call as another service. For example, you could pretend you are phoning a restaurant to place an order for take-out.

4. Call an Attorney

Many law offices are open to help you with your legal issues. A domestic violence lawyer will know the exact legal steps you should take for immediate relief. Additionally, an attorney familiar in this practice area can represent you, should 

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