Why Do More People Get Divorced in Summer?

Couples take vacations during summer, and they have time to relax. Couples hope this respite will lead to marital healing. Families use summer breaks to visit family and friends, and this bonding time can put strains on an already weak relationship. While it’s not always common, some couples struggle when their last child has left home, usually in the summer months. Commonly referred to as the empty nest syndrome, couples don’t know what to do with their time together without kids to nurture and manage. Couples try to put on a brave face when they have children, and they schedule summer trips and excursions to give the kids some last happy memories leading up to a pending divorce announcement. Some couples choose to file for divorce in August because it gives children time to change schools and set up a new house before the upcoming academic session. Summer is known for its flings. People meet attractive new partners during summer, and infidelity can result.

August is the Peak Month for Divorce in the United States

Summer seems to be the high tide for marriage endings. There are several reasons researchers found to explain the consistent peak during the summer months culminating in a season-high in August. A study from the University of Washington suggests that the summer is the perfect time for divorce because kids are on break from school, and the end of the summer is even better because it gives everyone time to adjust before the holiday season. For many couples who find their marriages struggling during the winter months, the summer offers hope and maybe a change of scenery, with vacation time typically on the calendar. Unfortunately, marital problems tend to follow couples – even on vacation.

Summer is the Season of Time and Possibilities

When it comes down to it, couples with families are too busy raising children and dealing with daily life to worry about their marital problems unless they’re forced to by some inciting incident. Otherwise, it’s not until life slows down that they realize their marriage is in trouble. Once school is out for summer, families change their routine, and each day focuses more on doing things together with children or each other. During the school year, families typically follow a very regulated schedule to ensure children are off to school and parents are off to work, but summer allows everyone to relax a little. In that relaxation, couples find they have little in common or no longer enjoy each other’s company.

In addition to being easier during summer, there are also summer temptations. Summer can mean vacations by the pool or hot summer days spent on a patio at happy hour. Infidelity is a leading cause of divorce, and it’s not called a summer fling for no reason. Summer is a playful and relaxing time when people wear fewer clothes and are generally more gregarious. The days of summer are longer, and an unhappily married person can easily find themselves making a choice to end their marriage because they’ve met someone new.

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