Tips for Living Together During Your Divorce

Living Together When Drifting Apart

Most couples who reach the decision to divorce are eager to move out and begin moving on. However, doing so poses a considerable financial burden to the spouse who leaves. Additionally, leaving the home could separate that parent from their child. Regardless of the reason a couple elects to continue living together during their divorce process, there are certain steps that can be taken to make it a bit easier on both parties.

Limiting Conversations

Delving into conversations about your feelings during divorce is likely to release a wave of intense emotions resulting in almost-certain arguments. By limiting your communication to discussing only what’s necessary, you can minimize the risk of a fight that creates an uncomfortable living environment.

When you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse do talk to each other, keep the conversation brief, respectful, and fact-based, rather than emotion-based.

Spend Less Time With Each Other

Respect each other’s personal space and allow yourselves to occupy different parts of the home. Have your own personal areas where you can enjoy some peace and solitude. Just because you are under the same roof does not mean you always need to be in the same room.

If you have a child, you could create a calendar to delegate parenting nights so that you do not have to be in the common space at the same time as your ex and your kid. Separating duties in this way could help the child avoid witnessing any arguments and make the expectations for your cohabitation clear from the start.

Take Care of Yourself

Divorce is an exhausting and emotional process. Take the time you need to process your emotions and seek help when you need it. Connect with friends, focus on hobbies you enjoy, and spoil yourself.

Focus on the Future

Thinking about your next steps can be difficult when you’re still living with your ex. Still, rather than dwelling on the past and the pitfalls of your relationship, allow yourself to think towards the future and the brighter days ahead.

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