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How do your children handle divorce?

A divorce affects the lives of everyone who is close to you, especially your children. This can be a difficult time for a while, and it is understandable that you might worry how your children will fare in the long run. This worry is not unfounded for you and other Californians who are going through a divorce. You want the best for your kids, and you do not want them to suffer when you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse begin your new lives apart.

Can co-parenting work through the holidays?

Soon Californians will be falling back the clocks and along with that comes looking ahead to Thanksgiving and the holiday season that lasts all the way through New Year's. If you are one of the many people for whom this holiday season represents your first post-divorce set of holidays, you will be painfully aware of the differences you will experience. If you have kids, they too will be facing a new type of holiday. How can you help them?

The consequences of delinquent child support payments

Divorce can be stressful enough on its own; why should matters involving child support add to that stress? No matter how closely some spouses work with one another to reach a conclusion regarding their children, obstacles can nevertheless arise. Many Californians discover that their ex-spouse does not make timely child support payments, or none at all. What can parents who are owed money do in such situations?

Maintaining california's child support system

When it comes to divorce, the end goal is usually one that establishes order and balance between spouses -- not a dispute over child support. Yet sometimes such disagreements occur, especially over the topic of child support payments. California has a set legal system that assists parents with the many steps of child support, and it is important to understand the details of divorce and child support laws in order to make the best possible arrangements for everyone involved.

New studies say shared custody may be best

California parents who decide to divorce are often concerned that the strain of a divorce could hurt their relationships with their children, and this is one reason while child custody disputes can feel like a war. But a new study shows that it is in the children's best interest to split their time between parents.

Child support in California

Many Americans might assume that all states hold identical child custody laws, but there is a surprising amount of legal difference from one state to another. California is one of many states that have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, a Uniform Act intended to discourage child kidnapping by non-custodial parents. The state also holds other regulations involving divorce and children, and many parents experience confusion due to legal complexities. 

Funding college after a divorce

It is typical for California parents to feel concerned about how they will fund their children's college educations. After a divorce, parents might be even more concerned about this as each parent individually might be struggling a bit more financially than they were prior to getting divorced. Understanding how to accommodate this reality with the desire to provide a higher education for one's children is important and ideally requires a bit of foresight.

What should I do if I get a Summons and Complaint?

When it comes to legal battles in child support cases in California, following the rules as precisely as possible is necessary to avoid conflict and negative consequences. Sometimes, part of the difficulty in adhering to court standards is knowing exactly what those are. If you have received a Summons and Complaint, there are several things you should do in order to ensure you fully comply and complete any requirements.

Using retirement funds to pay child support

Are you headed for or maybe even in the process of getting divorced in California? Do you have minor children for whom you believe you may be required to pay child support? If so, you will want to start planning now for how you will satisfy your child support obligations. Despite the best intentions parents may have of wanting to provide for their kids, making these payments can be difficult on a newly divorced person's budget.

How can I make shared custody work?

Divorce is rarely easy for Oceanside parents. This is particularly true when it comes to shared custody agreements, which can be challenging under even the best of circumstances. Fortunately, there are some great tips that will allow you and your ex-spouse to provide a kind and loving environment for your children no matter what.

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