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February 2017 Archives

How does a QDRO work?

If you are getting divorced in California and believe that you and your spouse may have to split one or more 401K accounts as part of your marital division award, you should learn about the qualified domestic relations order.As you may know, you are generally restricted from taking money out of your retirement account unless it is for retirement purposes. If you take money out for other reasons, you may need to pay taxes and special fees or penalties.

Do I really need long-term care?

If you are planning your estate in California, you may not be considering long-term care. Many young, healthy individuals do not believe that they will be in a position where they are unable to take care of themselves, but the truth is surprising. According to the Administration on Aging, 70 percent of those who are turning 65 will need this type of assistance at some point in their lives. Another 3.6 million people under the age of 65 may need this type of care each year, meaning an accident or illness could leave you in need of long-term care at any age.

Divorce in the military: Where do I start?

Calling it quits with a spouse can be a difficult process even in the most amicable of situations, but a divorce proceeding often presents unique challenges for members of the military. Cases involving divorce in the military can be complex in the state of California since they involve both federal law as well as state law. A few tips may help you to navigate this type of family law proceeding.

How can I create a co-parenting plan?

If you and your spouse are facing divorce in California, you likely have concerns about how you will manage parenting your children. In this case, developing a co-parenting plan can provide a solid framework for the long road ahead. However, what should go into a plan in order to ensure it is a success?

How might divorce affect my child’s financial aid?

College tuition is rarely cheap in California or anywhere else, and funding your child’s education may be one of your biggest financial concerns. This may be particularly true if you are a single parent trying to pay your child’s way through school, in which case you may be pleased to know that there is some good news for you when it comes to your chances of obtaining financial aid.

How can you reduce fights over inheritance among adult children?

If you have raised multiple children in California, you may be used to the inevitable challenges and disagreements that arise among them. Such battles may start at a young age and involve everything from who gets the better bedroom to who gets to drive the newer car, but these petty squabbles can prove far more serious if they involve your will.

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