We Understand the Unique Issues in Military Divorces

For military service members and their dependents, a divorce presents special challenges. These cases are more complex because they involve California law as well as federal law. Military divorces are a unique area of law that call for advice and representation from an experienced attorney familiar with the issues regarding special custody, division of property and other considerations.

At Palmer Rodak & Associates, in Oceanside and Del Mar, we understand a service member's divorce needs, and a military dependent's concerns. Divorce attorney Palmer has handled a large volume of military divorce cases. From clients based at Camp Pendleton, Del Mar's Naval Air Facility, or serving abroad, we know how to handle their family law concerns and protect their rights.

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In addition to family law specialist certification from the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California, our office advises clients on all general and specific matters involving:

We know military spouses may file for divorce in several places. We understand specific federal guidelines and regulations for dividing a service member's retirement benefits. We have skills to effectively handle special child custody and visitation matters, including meeting state mandatory mediation requirements.

Our goal is to help ensure our clients' divorce settlements reflect their needs and protects their rights involving their children military valuable benefits and other needs. Our attorneys work to protect rights involving children and their valuable military benefits.

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If you are in the military and getting a divorce, or you are married to a service member and need help protecting your rights, put our exceptional skills in this type of divorce law to work for you.

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