High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys Serving San Diego

At times, high net worth divorce may present additional legal challenges. Issues involving asset valuation, taxation of appreciated assets, and the possible payment of alimony require careful analysis and creative solutions.

The attorneys at Palmer Rodak & Associates have experience in divorces involving all types of property division issues, including divorces involving family-owned businesses, complex property holdings, dual income couples and high net worth couples. We work tenaciously to protect the property rights of our clients at all stages of the legal process. With offices in Oceanside and Del Mar, we are conveniently located to help serve people throughout the greater areas.

A Team of Legal and Financial Professionals

In divorces involving complex property issues, we frequently retain the services of financial experts, such as a business valuation specialist, a tax accountant, a forensic accountant, and depending on the assets involved, various types of appraisers. These professionals can provide important insights into key financial issues and can lay the groundwork for the negotiation of a favorable property settlement. However, if necessary, we will be prepared to go to trial.

Our goal in every case is to protect the rights and interests of our client, while obtaining a settlement that is fair, and enables our client to move forward with his or her life.

Palmer Rodak & Associates provides results-oriented representation in high net worth divorce cases involving people throughout the Sand Diego area. You can depend on us to do everything we can to protect your property rights and obtain a favorable settlement for you.

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