Experienced Domestic Violence Representation

Palmer Rodak & Associates, with offices in Del Mar and Oceanside, has extensive experience in domestic violence cases. Our lawyers can advise you whether a domestic violence restraining order is right for your case, or defend your child custody or visitation rights if you have been falsely accused.

Helping Domestic Violence Victims Find Safety

If you or a family member has been the victim of family violence or threats you do not have to suffer this abuse.

Our experienced family law and domestic violence attorneys can go to court to obtain a temporary or permanent restraining order to stop domestic abuse and violence. Temporary restraining orders are available on an emergency (Ex-Parte) basis, which means that victims of domestic violence can obtain a restraining order in a very short time, and often with no notice to the other side.

With a temporary restraining order in place, you will be assigned a trial date. At trial, both sides will be able to call witnesses and present evidence to the court. Our lawyers will build a strong case designed to protect you and your family and prevent you from being the victims of continued domestic assault.

Legal proceedings involving restraining orders are very serious. The outcome of these proceedings can affect the rights of the parties in many areas, including child custody and visitation rights. If the violence involves child abuse or assault, we can help you obtain changes in child custody or visitation rights to protect your child from further harm.

Protecting Your Rights if You Face False Domestic Violence Allegations

We also represent clients who have been falsely accused of violence during the divorce process or child custody disputes. A restraining order can affect your right to possess a firearm and affect your employment. When a person who is subject to a restraining order is stopped by the police for any reason, the existence of the restraining order acts as a red flag, and will cause the officer to more closely investigate the situation. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, you need experienced representation to protect your rights.

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