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Study: Bitter divorce might hurt children's immune systems

Families across the country struggle when the parents decide a divorce is the right choice, and in California, this is no different. Yet divorcing couples with children have been looking for a more peaceful way to maintain the family bonds for the sake of the kids. 

Prenups for protecting property interests

A premarital agreement, as defined in the California Family Code, is a contract made before marriage by the persons who plan to marry. These “prospective spouses” are parties to the contract and as soon as they marry, their agreement becomes effective. A prenuptial agreement is another name for a premarital agreement and in California it must be written and signed by the future spouses.

How is spousal support determined in California?

Stress over finances of one the leading causes of marital strife in Oceanside. Many people see such issues end their marriages. If this is happening to you, then you should understand that your financial considerations regarding your spouse may not end with your divorce. One of you may still end up having to pay spousal support to the other.

Social Security and Same-Sex Divorce

Couples across California may realize divorced spouses can be eligible for claims on an ex-spouse's Social Security benefits, but for same-sex divorces, there are a few important things to note. As Investment News notes, June 26, 2015 is the day the federal governement began to recognize all same-sex marriages after the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry and to have that marriage recognized by all other states in the country. This has also provided same-sex couples with the framework to legally divorce.

Data shows rise in divorce rate for female service members

Men and women who reside in Oceanside, California and serve in the military face many unique challenges. The stress of frequent moves and lots of time apart can sometimes be more than some marriages can stand. At Palmer Rodak & Associates, we understand that your divorce is different from other types of splits and we have extensive knowledge of the laws surrounding a military divorce.

Examining the grounds for divorce in California

Few Oceanside residents likely enter into a marriage anticipating that it well end. However, oftentimes such relationships produce issues that are most easily rectified through divorce. Ending a marriage may seem to many to be a simple thing. However, there are certain legal standards that must be meet before a couple can initiate divorce proceedings. Some of these standards may appear to some to be complex, and in certain cases, even contradictory.

Can social media affect a divorce?

If you’re considering divorcing your spouse in California, you are no doubt concerned with ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible. To this end, use of social media during a divorce can greatly complicate matters, and may even result in serious legal ramifications. Accordingly, it’s best to limit using social media during this tumultuous time

How does a QDRO work?

If you are getting divorced in California and believe that you and your spouse may have to split one or more 401K accounts as part of your marital division award, you should learn about the qualified domestic relations order.As you may know, you are generally restricted from taking money out of your retirement account unless it is for retirement purposes. If you take money out for other reasons, you may need to pay taxes and special fees or penalties.

How might divorce affect my child’s financial aid?

College tuition is rarely cheap in California or anywhere else, and funding your child’s education may be one of your biggest financial concerns. This may be particularly true if you are a single parent trying to pay your child’s way through school, in which case you may be pleased to know that there is some good news for you when it comes to your chances of obtaining financial aid.

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